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  • Babolat Addiction (inc Fitting)

    Babolat Addiction (inc Fitting)

    Babolat offers the perfect string for the tennis addict. This is Babolat's slightly firmer and more durable multifilament counterpart to XCel.
  • Babolat Xcel (inc Fitting)

    Babolat Xcel (inc Fitting)

    Offering an almost unmatched combination of comfort, touch and feel this newer version of XCel adds a durability upgrade to Babolat's time-tested original recipe.
  • Luxilon 4G

    Luxilon 4G

    4GFeaturing an ultra-thick gauge, this string will add durability to super open patterns, like the ones found in Wilson's Spin Effect racquets.
  • Luxilon Alu Power

    Luxilon Alu Power

    The durable and control-oriented response of Luxilon ALU and other Luxilon co-polyester strings has revolutionized professional tennis.
  • Luxilon Timo

    Luxilon Timo

    Due to its characteristics and high level of "feel," TiMO Banger 17L maintains good control without compromising too much durability.
  • Wilson NXT Control (inc Fitting)

    Wilson NXT Control (inc Fitting)

    Featuring polyester and nylon fibers in a bed of polyurethane, NXT Control provides all the benefits of a great hybrid.
  • Wilson Revolve (inc Fitting)

    Wilson Revolve (inc Fitting)

    Wilson Revolve is a comfortably firm co-poly that is well suited to players with long, fast strokes. Like the best control strings...
  • Wilson Spin Duo (inc Fitting)

    Wilson Spin Duo (inc Fitting)

    Wilson Spin Duo combines the spin and precision of Ripspin (a co-poly) with the feel, comfort and pop of Synthetic Gut Power...